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Softshare ECS

Real-time communications. Real-time data exchange. Real-time integration. Combine these powerful capabilities into one software application and you have an incredibly sophisticated electronic commerce server, Softshare ECS.

Softshare ECS supports today's prevalent Internet communications protocols, moving data into, out of, and across your enterprise in real time. In addition, ECS' advanced event rule system ensures that data is processed and routed according to its unique properties.

The result of ECS' real-time, hands-off data handling capabilities is seamless management of all your electronic commerce operations!

Softshare ECS is designed from the ground up to exist in an environment of high-speed Internet-driven electronic commerce and Web Services. Softshare ECS is a server-based electronic document routing and logging application that routes not only EDI documents such as ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT transactions but XML documents and flat files as well.

Softshare ECS serves as a full-time, completely automated document processor with storage of all documents in a Microsoft SQL Server repository.

ECS is designed for customers that process a high volume of documents. ECS' full automation design eliminates all manual procedures for handling transactions. The user can configure automated alerts in case of errors, and is given tools that are focused on managing large amounts of data.

Together with Softshare's translation and mapping utility, Softshare Delta, ECS provides a complete solution for receiving documents and data, performing translation, or conversion, and delivering the resultant data to their intended recipients anywhere in your enterprise or globally around the world.

ECS supports a large number of data transport methods including:

•   File Transfer Protocol/Secure File Protocol (FTP/FTPS)
Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3)
File System
SOAP and Web Services
SAP 'IDocs', ebXML, ACORD and HIPAA Compliance
AS1, AS2 and AS3 EDI-Int

Key Features

•   Event-driven translation in conjunction with Softshare Delta
Multi-Threaded Document Processing and Map Chaining
Data restaging
External command and script support
Critical situation alerts
Log Viewer complete activity log
Full data repository
Find feature
S/MIME security
Trading Partner Manager complete trading partner management
Management reports activity tracking
EDI Notepad EDI building and viewing tool
Security for secure internet EDI/XML

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