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Softshare Athena

It's no coincidence that Softshare named its Web-based EDI solution after Athena, the Greek goddess of industry and trade. Developed for companies that exchange low volumes of EDI documents with their trading partners, Softshare Athena encourages e-commerce throughout all tiers of business by offering an economical alternative to traditional EDI software and network services.

With Softshare Athena, there's no software to install or network to connect to. You can access your Athena account from any computer with Internet capabilities.

Athena has also been called the goddess of reason, intelligence, and wisdom. A tough act to follow, but you'll find that Softshare Athena lives up to its namesake.

Softshare Athena Features
Softshare Athena provides everything you need to exchange low volumes of EDI documents with your trading partners via a Web interface.

User-Friendly Desktop
•   Looks and feels like a traditional e-mail application, reducing your learning curve
Easy to manage received, sent, draft, and discarded document folders
Presents comprehensive online help

Easy EDI Document Creation
•   Step by Step trading partner specific forms for easy EDI document creation
EDI documents compared against trading partner's specs ensuring compliance
Auto-filled information minimizes re-keying
EDI functional acknowledgments generated automatically

Advanced Features
•   Supports bar coding—all you need is a laser or bar code printer
Mailbox Messenger service alerts you when a new document is received
Supports the creation and exchange of XML documents
Supports multiple trading partner relationships

Government EDI
Athena is fully compliant with all government EDI programs. Visit our Athena government page for more information.

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